casiNO Rally is this Sunday!

Please join us for the casiNO Rally Sunday, October 25 on the steps of the courthouse in Danville.

This rally is for all concerned citizens to hear our concerns of the danger and truths of a regional casino. These concerns have not been considered by many of our citizens because of the massive advertising from Caesar’s. One of our keynote speakers will be Les Bernal, the national director of the non-profit organization, “Stop Predatory Gambling.” Another speaker is Pastor Steve Chromy of Mount Hermon Baptist Church, who will be sharing his real life experience of the effects of a casino coming into his small hometown in Minnesota, as well as Eric Stamps of the Local Action PAC Coalition Against the Casino.

Quick Facts

Did you know? One in five addicted gamblers attempts suicide.

When a casino opened in Biloxi, MS, suicide rates jumped 1000% the first year.

Danville will be building a fire station next door to the casino- so we won’t have to hear the sirens. At a casino in Minnesota, their casino made up 50% of all emergency calls in the city.

Bringing a casino to town will not help our Danville businesses. When people come to a casino, it’s a ONE-STOP-SHOP. You can eat, drink, sleep and play there. Very rarely do people leave the casino to do anything. The only time they leave is when they run out of money.

If a seat is not at a slot machine, it’s because someone has soiled it. (Because they played for hours and didn’t want to get up, for fear of missing their payday).

No one should look to casinos to revive cities, “because that’s not what casinos do.”
-Project manager for a Wynn Casino near Philadelphia

Regional casinos leave behind far more gambling addicts than jobs.

People who live close to a casino are TWICE as likely to become problem gamblers.

Gambling operators don’t pay for the harms they cause families, businesses, and communities. Taxpayers do.

Casinos target lonely 70 and 80 year olds– some who gamble away their life savings.

Articles and Links

From the Governor of Nebraska:,experience%20mental%20health%20issues%20and%20thoughts%20of%20suicide.

“A study in the American Indian Law Journal examined casinos operated by over 20 Native American tribes in the Pacific Northwest between 2000 and 2010. Originally touted as a solution to poverty, these casinos actually raised the mean poverty rate from 25% to 29%. For example, the Siletz tribe in Oregon saw its poverty rate balloon from 21% to 38% after a local casino opened.”

“casinos also take money away from Main Street businesses and nonprofits, as people spend their discretionary income at the slots instead of investing it in the community.”

Family devastated by casino/gambling addiction:

Gambling addict talks dangers of casinos reopening in Ohio:

From CNN- The harm that casinos do:

12 page document: Living in Truth: Regional Casinos Create Unfairness of Opportunity,
Reduce Mobility Out of Poverty, and Worsen Budget Problems-

A Good Way to Wreck a Local Economy- from the Atlantic:,wander%20out%20to%20visit%20other%20shops%20and%20businesses.


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